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Our Story

We found ourselves along with many parents yearning for more connection with our children. In today's fast paced world, we saw so many kids losing their spark for learning along with their ability to fully embrace life. At the end of the day, we often felt unfulfilled as parents, having missed out on truly engaging our children's hearts.  

We knew there was a richer way to engage them that would ignite their spirits and, once lit, would spill over into every aspect of their lives. 

So we picked books with brave characters and our conversations turned to how people are motivated; we discussed how the body responds to different foods and our kids' meal preferences naturally shifted; we slowed down to observe nature in motion and their attention span grew. And as we did this, we also watched their confidence grow along with a joyful hunger to learn. After years of experience, research and collaboration, we give you these tools in our fun, family-ready modules to awaken the same joy in your home!

Our Mission

  • To restore families by providing a platform for sharing hearts and meaningful experiences.
  • To build inner strength by developing positive character traits and teaching kids what they're already made of.
  • To calm the mind and reduce stress responses with intentional time exploring and appreciating nature.
  • To fortify the vessel of our bodies with essential nutrition practices for healthy families.

Our Solution 

We provide the framework for caregivers to take part in nurturing the whole child. We help you step outside of rigorous after-school schedules to tune into the foundations of character building, nature-based stress reduction and healthy eating. By engaging in these essential areas of enrichment, your children are building the framework to thrive as self-assured young people and ultimately become confident, grounded and healthy adults. Our fun modules provide food for the mind, body and soul by inspiring curiosity and engaging them in satisfying activities. We do this to provide more fulfillment for parent and child alike, allowing everyone to experience a more nourished childhood.

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