Outdoor School.

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Outdoor School Overview

We are a comprehensive enrichment program designed to ignite a love of learning, complimenting any home-based core curriculum. Trusting the innate drive to learn that exists inside of each child, we provide a learning-rich environment where our trained facilitators explore children's interests while allowing them to invent, create and discover their real-life applications. 

We are a unique blend of Montessori, Waldorf and the elementary Forest School and believe educating the whole child is essential. We maintain a 5:1 staffing ratio where our facilitators have completed comprehensive trainings in emotional development and early childhood education. We provide a loving, caring and supportive environment and spend time each day discussing different virtues, ethics and character. We also devote a portion of each day to our fun "Exploration Stations". Read on for more!

Exploration Stations

Welcome Explorers! The crux of our learning is in our Exploration Stations where children choose their own adventures during two designated periods each day. Stations are facilitated by our trained staff and content rotates weekly among the following areas:

Nature Studies

Explore the five senses, learn about science in a natural setting, and observe and engage with the plants and animals who live there.

Delight-Based Reading

Bring your own book or enjoy our carefully chosen literature that celebrates goodness and virtue. Listen to stories or read on your own.

Practical Math

Reinforce basic operations, counting, time, money, practical algebra and geometry through fun games and interactive play.

Cultural Studies

Travel around the world with us as we explore a different country each week including geography, languages, culture, cuisines, economics and more!

Waldorf Art

Learn to use watercolors, chalks, dry paints, crayons, pencils, charcoal and other modalities to create beautiful artistic expressions. 


Learn how and why certain foods make you feel your best and others don't. No specific diets suggested, just the basic, universal principles!

Wilderness Skills

Develop basic survival skills to be a nature explorer learning how to use tools, knots, how to build shelter, and identify various nature dangers.


Sing songs, listen to music and learn to recognize and appreciate different elements of music including the emotional connection to song.

Independent Study

Interested in continuing a project from home? Or pursuing a topic of your own? We work with you to facilitate other topics of interests.

Every Day Also Includes:

Ethics & Virtues

Learn to recognize and grow your "inner superpowers" with our fun, game-based integration of (non-politicized) traditional, positive character development.

Nature Walks

Build on hiking skills starting with short walks, and growing to optional longer hikes all while growing self-confidence and tenacity.

Arts & Crafts

Paint, draw, sew, gather, collect and assemble crafts and artwork. Every day includes free expression in the form of various arts and crafts.

Games & Free Play

Run and play and create! Kids always enjoy a healthy helping of free-form fun to move their bodies and learn through play!

But what do you do when it rains?

Read our FAQ's to learn more about our rhythms and practices including how to enroll as a Heartland Charter family. 

How It Works

Join us one or two days a week for outdoor education in various outdoor locations throughout Santa Barbara and Goleta, CA. Our semesters run in Fall, Winter and Spring from September to June and we are Heartland approved!

  • 1st - 5th graders
  • Middle Grades Leadership Program - CLICK HERE
  • Select 1 or 2 day packages (Open Weds, Thurs & Fridays)
  • 9am-2pm

Winter Registration is Now Open!

January 5th-March 18th, 2022

10 Week Semester - No school Feb. 16-18





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