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Outdoor School Overview

At Enriched Kids Outdoor School, we trust the innate drive to learn that exists inside of each child to lead their education. Our school-year program is a unique blend of Montessori, Waldorf and elementary Forest School. We provide a learning-rich environment where our trained facilitators explore children's interests while allowing them to invent, create and discover real-life applications.

We believe educating the whole child is essential and maintain a 4:1 staffing ratio where each facilitator has completed a comprehensive training in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). We provide families with optional, at-home SEL activities to compliment the subtle work we do in our program to nurture kids' "inner superpowers", designed to grow confidence and resiliency. 

Currently offered in the Santa Barbara area.

Curiosity Stations

The crux of our program is our Curiosity Stations where children choose their own adventures each day. Our facilitators engage the kids in open activities including:

Nature Studies

Develop the five senses, learn about nature, study the environment, and observe and engage with the plants and animals who live in the area.

Nature Walks

Build on hiking skills starting with short walks and growing to optional longer hikes all while growing self-confidence and tenacity. 

Wilderness Skills

Develop basic survival skills using tools, building shelter, identifying potential danger and becoming proficient with ropes and knots.  

Arts and Crafts

Paint, draw, sew, gather, collect and assemble crafts and artwork. Every day includes free expression in the form of various arts and crafts.

Social/Emotional Learning

Learn to recognize and grow your "inner superpowers" with our fun, game-based integration of positive character development.


Bring your own book or enjoy our carefully chosen literature that celebrates goodness and virtue. Listen, learn to read, or develop advanced skills with us.

Games and Free Play 

Run and play and create! Woven into every day is a healthy helping of free-form fun for kids to move their bodies and learn through play!


Learn how and why certain foods make you feel your best and others don't. No specific diets suggested, just the basic, universal principles!

Practical Math

Reinforce basic operations, counting, time, money, practical algebra and geometry. We help develop math skills for everyday life.


Sing songs, listen to music and learn to recognize and appreciate different elements of music theory with our staff musicians and song leaders.

Wild Foraging

Identify local plants that are deliciously edible and enjoy making juices, teas, syrups and other tasty treats from the local Santa Barbara area.

Independent Study

Interested in continuing a project from home? Or pursuing a topic of your own? We work with you to facilitate other topics of interests.

How It Works

Join us one, two or three days a week for outdoor education in various locations throughout Santa Barbara and Goleta, CA. Our 12-week sessions run in Fall, Winter and Spring from September to June. 

  • 1st - 4th graders
  • 1, 2 or 3 day packages
  • Available Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
  • 9:30am-2:30pm
  • Read our FAQ's for more information

Fall Registration is Now Open!

Accepting Heartland/Inspire funds!

September 8th-December 10th, 2021

Fall Locations:

Wednesdays at the Douglas Preserve

Thursdays at Tucker's Grove

Fridays at Steven's Park





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